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The Faded is an episodic pixel art horror adventure game. In this story rich adventure game, you will play as a 14 year old girl, Ume who gets lost in the infamous Perish Forest, strongly known for its supernatural and haunted activities. Many people enter the forest to suicide but whoever goes in, never comes back.

You as Ume get lost in “The Perish Forest”, a forest well known for supernatural activities. You have to help Ume to escape out of this perilous forest safely and to unravel the mystery of these disappearances of little kids. Explore the unfathomable forest to dig out the hidden mysteries in its depth. Find the cause behind the abductions and the culprit.

Mini Puzzles

Play mini games to escape from death

Play as Pet

Use your pet to solve the mystery

Watch Out

Keep every step with caution or die


She is a naïve 14-year-old school girl who has a knack for knitting. She loves her mom, dad and her pet dog Puba. She thinks she can bring peace and harmony in the world. She wants to be a social worker or a nurse.


He will be your pet in the game. He can reach certain areas where Ume can’t go. He might be very helpful in your adventure. The best thing about Chia is you can rename him.

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The Faded - Chapter 1 - The Perish Forest Demo

Kids are going missing in the Copple Doe Town over the last 10 years and nobody has any clue about the kidnapper. Will Ume be able to find out who is behind these disappearances or she will be the next victim?