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Kids are going missing in the Copple Doe Town over the last 10 years and nobody has any clue about the kidnapper. Will Ume be able to find out who is behind these disappearances or she will be the next victim?

Developer - Deertwig Studio
Publisher - Deertwig Studio
Website -
Release - 2022

Title : The Faded – Chapter 1: The Perish Forest

Genre : Mystery, Survival Horror, Puzzle

Platforms : PC

Upcoming Platforms : Playstation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox

Technologies : Unity


  1. 1Gameplay:Ume comes to know about the link between the disappearance of the kids from “Copple Doe Town” and “The Perish Forest”. She is not lonely here though. Among the many wild animals and mischievous ghosts there are some friendly ghosts who can help Ume in her adventure.
  2. 2Inspiration:Japan, Aokigahara Forest, Haunted Forest, Mystery Murders, Curse, Boogie Man.
  3. 3Main Themes:Survival, Escape, Abduction, Unravel Mystery, Horror, Violence.


Deertwig Studio is a game studio making games from 2018 with the goal of providing unique and fun experiences to the players. We work remotely from home and are passionate about games and art. Each of us have immense experience in their respective fields and we are from Bharat, Indonesia, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, US, UK.